10 questions not to ask a trans woman

Whenever we meet a trans person for the first time, it is normal to ask a thousand questions that could satisfy our curiosity. However, if you have just met a transgender, it is best to avoid overly personal matters that might seem too offensive to your interviewer. Just remember that, like any other community, trans people are all different and have their own limitations.

Just because a shemale took your bad question without embarrassment doesn’t mean that another shemale wouldn’t react differently. We help you avoid the worst by concocting 10 questions you should never ask a trans woman.

When is the surgery?

This is THE question that will ruin your relationship! Likewise, avoid any subject with a sexual connotation since this is a form of rudeness. Unless you are about to cross the threshold for intimacy, or you are a doctor treating a trans patient, then avoid talking about sex at all costs. If you have gotten close enough to a shemale, he could normally talk to you about it, but let him express himself without rushing him.

What is your real first name?

This is an offensive question too, as it suggests that the first name you are presenting with is not your « real » first name. In fact, no trans will ever reveal his old name. If he could go back and erase this name from the memory of all his knowledge, he would do it without hesitation!

Are you a man or a woman?

The problem with this question is that if you’re not sure who someone is, you’re limiting their gender to one of two common categories. On the other hand, most people who ask this question do not really need to know the answer. Most of the time, this question arises from an egocentric need: to categorize the interlocutor.

So how do you make love?

This question is inappropriate for the same reason as the first. If you don’t want to ask a straight guy this question, don’t ask a transgender person. It’s as simple as that.

How long have you been a trans?

You don’t become trans, for the same reason that you don’t become a woman or a man. We are either a man, a woman or a non-binary regardless of the gender we received at birth.

Do you want to change your voice?

At the risk of offending your interlocutor, do not try to ask this question. In fact, how can you be sure that the person you are talking to is not already changing their voice?

Aren’t you just gay?

Let’s talk about sexual orientation here. This factor reflects the gender to which a person is attracted: towards a person of the same sex, the opposite sex or both. You cannot consider a transgender in any of these three categories: some may be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual.

Shouldn’t you be a transvestite?

Another faux pas! Often the term « transvestite » refers to someone who follows the dress rules of the opposite sex, just for fun. Statistically speaking, transvestites are straight men.

Are you going to change your mind?

Transsexuality involves an often difficult transition phase. Shemales need allies. Stay united and don’t ask them about their transition, or even try to dissuade them.

Are you attracted to men?

No, as always, gender is not a function of sexual orientation. In fact, being straight is not an obligation or a duty. In addition, transitioning does not mean that sexual preferences have to change.

Now you know everything about trans people and if you want to meet trans people in your area,.

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