Ladyboys from Thailand, how to meet them?

Ladyboy is a term mainly used in Europe to designate men who dress and behave like women. Americans rather use « shemale » and Thais call them « katoï ».

In Thailand, even if the term katoï retains a slightly pejorative nuance, trans people no longer shock many people and are even well accepted. Local ladyboys, transvestites and transsexuals openly assume their sexuality, and are fully integrated into Thai society, where they represent 2% of the population, or about one million people.

They have even become one of the many clichés circulating about Thailand and its sex industry. They are found particularly in Pattaya and some are so beautiful and feminine that it is sometimes difficult to realize that it is a katoï.

Trans people, an integrated and well-accepted community

Ladyboys work in all sectors of society. They have their own public toilets, they host television shows and even have their own beauty pageants, which each bring together some 15 million spectators in front of their television. Particularly impressive figures for a country of just over 68 million inhabitants.

This tolerance is due to the fact that the Buddhist religion, the majority in Thailand, does not condemn transsexuality and admits four different genders: male, female, bisexual and « other ». However, it is not found in other Asian states. Indeed, Siam (former name of Thailand) has always remained independent, while its neighbors, colonized by Westerners, were very influenced by their more rigorous mores on sexual orientation.

Does this mean that Thailand is a trans paradise?

Far from there ! The reality is more nuanced. While many work in the tourist industry or in massage or beauty salons, the jobs considered more masculine and positions of high responsibility remain inaccessible to them. They are therefore often forced to turn to prostitution and the sex industry, with all the risks that this may involve: for themselves and their partners.

Walking the hot streets of Bangkok and Pattaya is therefore not without risk. In addition to the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, we also note that many petty crimes against tourists are perpetrated by ladyboys, in particular prostitutes. It frequently happens that unsuspecting travelers are robbed after having absorbed a sleeping pill, administered without their knowledge by their conquest of an evening.

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