How to flirt with a trans woman?

When it comes to flirting with a person, the problem always remains the same: how to approach them without being rejected. It’s all the more difficult when it comes to charm a transexual. They are generally more suspicious than the others. Even if transvestites are generally very open-minded people, the fear of being rejected in turn by their difference makes them a little difficult to tame. It is therefore important to do it right.

Getting to the right places

Unlike other women, it’s not easy to get your hands on a transexual on every street corner. Given the small population of the third sex, you have to know where to find them. It sounds a bit cliché, but it will be easier for you to find them in establishments that openly display their colors such as bars, nightclubs or even gay restaurants.

That said, thanks to the internet, you will have more possibilities. The search field is wider thanks to specific dating sites like ours. , you will have the possibility to refine your choice until you find the ideal transvestite without taking too many risks. Outside, there is no guarantee that they are not already in a relationship, for example. On our site, you will know that they are available and may be waiting for you.

Working on your approach

It’s not just about finding the first sentence to get noticed. Whether in a restaurant or on a dating site, remember that a shemale is like any other woman when it comes to seduction. In general, what works on other girls also works on transsexuals. Having an appearance that matches your personality is the first step, especially in terms of the face. Hairstyle, smile, with or without beard, with or without piercing … all these details count. In short, take care of your look!

Also work on your way of expressing yourself so as not to look vulgar or poorly cultivated. Letting go of two or three compliments is also a good approach. Do not hesitate to make it on its look or its physique by insisting on a detail that you would be the only one to have noticed. If you manage to start a conversation after that, be careful what she says and her body language. Don’t talk a lot, but find the right people to make her talk. If she opens up to you, it is because you inspire her confidence. It also means that you are on the right track.

Think about the after-dredge

Saying things like: « let’s go and we’ll see after … » is definitely not to do when you want to seduce a transexual. You should never be caught off guard. Always assume that you will reach your goal. Adopting this mentality will boost your confidence. Remember, a man who looks confident will always have more charm and therefore more success when he flirts.

Thinking about the aftermath therefore means that you have not forgotten to refresh your breath in preparation for your first kiss. Some condoms will not be too much in your wallet as well as enough to pay the hotel or the taxi if you want to go elsewhere. If you plan to bring it home, do a little cleaning before going out. Once these few precautions have been taken, you will feel more comfortable dredging and your gait will be more natural.

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